Amazing Monuments In The World

The artist’s work is sometimes not we can guess the outcome .. some sort of amazing work. Various places in the world has the monuments that are symbols in place, ranging from simple to glorious.

Here I try to archive the highest monuments and marvels of the world.

Ushiku Daibutsu, Japan

Tallest monument in the world are in Ushiku, Japan. Completed in 1995. Has a 120m high from the ground, including 10m of the high base and 10m high lotus on the monument. Inside the monument has been provided a lift for visitors who can take visitors up to a height of 85m, a place where there is one court again to see the sights around the top.

Bayhan, Afghanistan

Buddha of bayhan is shaped Buddhist monument statue made in the Afghan cliffs. Rotate located about 230km from the city of Kabul, has a high around 55meter. But unfortunately, this monument was destroyed by the Taliban organization in 2001.

Can be seen in the photo below, that some statue’s face is finally broken. Later in the mission to rebuild the broken part, some countries and organizations participated. Among them, Japan, Switzerland, UNESCO and other countries.

Lanshan, China

Monuments are made on the cliff is housed in lanshan, china. Having a high of about 71m from the ground. Being one of the famous tourist places in the area tersebut.Setiap day thousands of tourists come to the area, both local and visitors from abroad.

Motherland,Kiev, Ukraine

Motherland Statue of Kiev is a monument made in memory of World War-2 is also called the Great Patriotic War. Has a 62m high statue, but as a whole has a height of 102m.

Liberty Island, New York

This monument donated by France to America in 1886, stood between Liberty Island, New York near the harbor. The monument is open to all visitors.

Guanyin, Sanya, China

This monument is a small disebuah Hai Nan province, China. Precisely in the park Yalong Wan is located about 7.5 km from the coast of Sanya City. 108m-tall statue was completed in May 2005 and became one of the world’s tallest monument.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This statue is a major work for the citizens of Rio De Janiero, Brazil.Monumen figure of Jesus Christ has a 32m height and weight 1000TON. Located on top of Corcovado mountain which has a 710m high in the Tijuca Forest National Park.Dari over the mountain, all parts of the city can be seen.

Jakarta, Indonesia

National monument or better known as Monas is located in downtown Jakarta, Indonesia. With a height of 137m, a monument that became a symbol of the resurrection of Indonesia was created in 1961 by President Sukarno, but not completed until 1975 by Suharto.
The culmination of this monument in the form of fire and is made from 14.5 tonnes of silver-coated gold weighing 35kg. Visitors can view the contents of the city from above with elevator facilities within the monument.

Moscow, Rusia

Statue of Peter I has become the world’s tallest sculpture.

Huangdi and Yandi, China

Monuments Huangdi and Yandi yellow king is in China, with 103m high.

Volgograd, Russia

The statue is also called “Motherland” is. Completed in 1967. Made of cement by Nikolai Nikitin.Tinggi 7900ton Entire included with the sword is 169m.



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